Welcome to The Artistic Bean of Fort Smith. Our passion is coffee and you’ll know it the moment you step through our doors. Our journey of quality service begins with the small batch roasting of our Fair-Trade Organic Specialty grade coffee beans. That journey continues into the Organic Coffee and Roaster House and passes into the hands of skilled Baristas for you to experience coffee and espresso at its highest quality.

Whether you come inside and enjoy a warm mug or order our freshly roasted coffee online, our hope is that you enjoy your coffee and feel blessed as you leave.

Get away from life and relax:

Our calm atmosphere, professional service, extensive coffee list and fresh, coffee beans are a sure recipe for success.

Awaken Your Palate:

  • * Fresh Made Coffee
  • * The Best Selection and Brand of Coffee Beans.
  • * Great Menu, over 13 special brews of coffee.
  • * Exclusive Experience for our guest


It’s the best coffee in Fort Smith, and it’s not even close. This type of atmosphere is what you would expect from a great coffee shop in a big city. You absolutely can not compare this place to anything else in the area.

Ram Smith

The best tasting coffee i have ever had. Its part of my morning routine to drive out of my way to get my morning coffee now! Amazing customer service as well very nice people.

Stephen Oliver

“I absolutely love that everything is homemade, organic and fresh. They never take any shortcuts on quality and you can taste that!”

Peyton Yoes

The History of The Artistic Bean

How did The Artistic Bean, a coffee shop in Townsend, TN, the gateway to the Smoky Mountains, come to Fort Smith, AR?

CANCER! Yes, that is correct cancer. Two women’s journey’s with cancer brought The Artistic Bean to Fort Smith. First, Jamie Collins Doss, the owner of Bethesda Skincare and the wife of The Artistic Bean founder, Jeremy Doss. Second, Bev Ramsey, owner of Pink Ribbon Boutique and co-owner of The Artistic Bean, Fort Smith. Bev, as a two-time breast cancer survivor, had been asked to be on a committee at a local medical facility to help with a new program they were implementing to help cancer patients and survivors. In the process of implementing this program, Bev found out about a soap that was being given to patients going through radiation treatment. She was told how great it worked on the skin and having gone through radiation herself wanted to know more about the soap. After doing some research, she found out it was Bethesda Skin Care and they had a policy called the Melanie policy where they donate a bar of soap to a person going through cancer treatment. Melanie was Jamie’s sister that had passed away from cancer.

Bev wanted to offer the soap at The Pink Ribbon Boutique to help the ladies who came there as well. She contacted Bethesda, left a message, and on a Friday afternoon received a call from Jamie Doss. After a 30-minute conversation, a long distant friendship had begun.

Bev found out Jamie’s husband, Jeremy, an artist, had a coffee shop in Townsend and she began following it on Facebook. It was organic, which was healthy, great reviews, so she ordered some for herself and Pink Ribbon. The coffee was unlike any they had ever tasted. She noticed that they were opening a shop in Knoxville and then Maryville, TN. She emailed Jamie and said they needed one in Fort Smith. Needless to say, both ladies agreed!

Stan and Bev went to Townsend, TN, Memorial Day Weekend 2016 to meet Jamie and Jeremy in person and to check out the coffee shop. Stan, having been in industrial sales and around equipment almost all of his life, loved the small batch roasting concept. The barista made Stan a white mocha frappe’, made out of their homemade mocha sauces and the rest is history. Stan said we have to have one of these coffee shops in Fort Smith. November 7, 2016, The Artistic Bean in Fort Smith opened.

Cancer brought two women together. Much good has come of that relationship and one of those is


You can find a video of Jeremy and Jamie www1.cbn/partners/profiles/LEAD455_Doss

Our Coffees

Espresso Shot

Two stout shots of our Signature Espresso Blend served in a mug


Espresso Macchiato

Two ounces of our Signature Espresso Blend served with a couple spoonfuls of milk froth



Two ounces of our Signature Espresso Blend combined with steamed milk and topped with froth



Two ounces of our Signature Espresso Blend poured over the top of boiling or iced water



Two ounces of our Signature Espresso Blend combined with organic steamed milk


Flavored Latte

A house made latte with your choice of flavor added



A house made latte with our house-made, organic mocha sauce and Joe’s Organic Vanilla Syrup


White Mocha

A house made latte with our house-made, organic white mocha sauce and Joe’s Organic Vanilla Syrup


Hot Chocolate

Our house made mocha sauce and Joe’s Organic Vanilla Syrup combined with steamed organic milk


Pour Over

Your choice of coffee bean or blend, freshly ground and steeped with hot water in our Pour over bar


Brewed Coffee

A rich house brewed cup of coffee.


Flavored Steamer

Your choice of syrup flavor combined with our organic steamed milk. ** Coffee Free



Your choice of syrup flavor combined with espresso shots, whey low, milk, and ice. Blended and served.


Cream Frappe

Your choice of syrup flavor combined with whey low, milk and ice. Blended and served. **Coffee Free


Our Location

Our address is 615 Garrison Ave FORT SMITH, AR

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